Choir Perfectly Mimics A Thunderstorm Before An Amazing Rendition Of ‘Africa’ By Toto

Over seven million people have tuned in to YouTube to catch Angel City Chorale’s incredible rendition of the 1980s pop hit “Africa” by Toto.

The choir’s hypnotizing performance was shared on Reddit and received a whopping 71, 998 upvotes since being published on January 27. The choir of around 100 singers starts the song quietly using their hands and feet before stomping into an uproarious thunderstorm-like composition that leads into to the popular song.

The choir recognized the internet loved the nostalgic performance that they even posted the news about how much attention their performance had garnered online on their website. Many viewers were excited the performance reminded them of their days in music class while the choir was excited appreciated the connection views felt to them.

“The song has given us the chance to connect with listeners worldwide. It’s incredibly humbling to read the reactions that listeners are sharing in the comments on YouTube. One listener really got to the heart of what Angel City Chorale is all about: “it is amazing to witness what so many, many people can accomplish in unity and harmony,” wrote the choir on their official website.

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