15 Times Art Happened By Complete Accident

A lot of time and attention to detail goes into works of art.

After all, the Mona Lisa only took Leonardo da Vinci 4 years to complete his portrait of Francesco del Giocondo’s third wife, Lisa Gherardini and it still was never completed.

So when “accidental” art happens, is it really “art”?

Accident or not, these works could certainly pass the test if it came to it.

Walking by these in museum, could you even tell if they were accidental or not?

1. Those are totally her colors
2. This would give anything in a modern art museum a run for its money

2Image source: Free_sensations

3. Polished layers of car paint from an old factory in Detroit Fordite.
4. It’s like staring into the universe
5. The fact that it crashed isn’t cool, but at least it went down with a beautiful fight
6. It’s not often that an elk shows up to the party when you’re mixing paint

6Image source: tommysutro

7. Who knew cleanup could be just as gorgeous as creation?

7Image source: Beard_of_the_Sith

8. It turns out that coffee is good at more than just keeping us awake

8Image source: jazzpenis

9. It’s going to blow

9Image source: cazie

10. A photo of Whoville, or some weird drainage at a car wash? You decide
11. Well hello, little friend
12. The Sink After A Day Of Art

examples-of-accidental-art-9Image source: Brockington

13. Paint Truck Breaks Long Standing Speed Record – Hits 88 Mph


14. This Pattern Of Bubbles In A Squeeze Of Acrylic Paint


15. Rain + Pollen


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