19 Accidents Waiting To Happen Thanks To These Designers And Architects

Woah there! When you see what’s going on in the images below, you might be considerably concerned for the people who frequent these areas.

When I say it’s an accident waiting to happen…. I mean, it’s an accident waiting to happen!

What were builders/architects/construction workers possibly thinking when they painted a realistic wall of a peaceful road heading toward an alluring sunset?!

Or doors that lead out the top floors in a 10 story building?

A balcony off the ground without flooring? And a steep ramp for the handicap?

Without a doubt, these are all accidents waiting to happen, however, it provided the internet with great merriment. Filed under: the worst construction fail, ever.

When You Let Satan Choose The Carpet


Camouflage 101


When You Realize You’re Not In A Cartoon


Give Cyclists Space


These Benches


A Happy Place

Close Enough


I, Too, Like To Live Dangerously

‘Once’ In A Lifetime Ride

Bike Tires Are Nowhere Near That Wide. It’s Probably A Two Way Road

Thankfully I’m Only Partially Disabled


Yes, It’s A Door

Being Handicapped In Cabo San Lucas Is Apparently An Extreme Sport


Mural On The Back Of Acme Incorporated


Take A Left And Then Bunnyhop To Your Destination

Hurts Even To Look At It


I Wouldn’t Call It A Problem, I Mean We Put A Reflective Sign On It

Decisions, Decisions

Hooked Up The New Outlet


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