A Young Couple Ages Over 60 Years Right In Front Of Each Other, And It’s A Tearjerker

Field Day just release their new video titled, 100 Years of Beauty: Aging. If you are already familiar with their work, you know this is going to be riveting.

When young couples wed, they envision what their lives will end up like together, how many kids they will have, how many future grandchildren, as well as all of the potential memories that will take place throughout their lives. With that said, grab a box of tissues.

The soon-to-wed couple featured in this video just received the most emotionally moving experience ever. Before they say “I do”, they had the chance to see what each other would look like from their late 20s to their late 90s with the help of highly skilled makeup artists.  Their reactions were what really captivated us.


I’m thinking they should definitely play this at their wedding reception, if all of their guests haven’t seen it by now. Be sure to give this video a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

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