Forensic Artist Reconstructs Face Of The Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

Nigel Cockerton, a forensic artist, recently used his skills to reconstruct the face of a man depicted on the Crystal Head Vodka bottle. The bottle had been purchased at an auction by a collector in Georgia, USA, and was believed to have originated from Germany.

Cockerton examined the image on the bottle and used his knowledge of facial anatomy and proportional measurements to create a realistic reconstruction of what the man would have looked like in life. The process involved layering clay over a replica of the skull and using reference images to ensure accuracy.

The resulting reconstruction shows a middle-aged man with a prominent nose, high cheekbones, and a strong jawline. Cockerton believes that the man was likely of European descent and lived in the early to the mid-19th century.

The story of the Crystal Head Vodka bottle and the man depicted on it has sparked interest and speculation among collectors and enthusiasts. Some have suggested that the image on the bottle was inspired by ancient crystal skulls, while others believe that it may have been a marketing ploy. Despite the mystery surrounding the man on the bottle, Cockerton’s reconstruction provides a glimpse into what the man may have looked like in life and a reminder of the human story behind the iconic bottle design.

Artist credit: Forensic artist Nigel from Scotland

h/t: (Reddit / Crystal Head Vodka)

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