A Dandelion Preserved In Resin Looks Incredibly Cool, And It’s So Simple To Do

Preserving flowers in resin has become a popular way to capture the beauty of nature and create unique and personalized keepsakes. One flower that is often preserved in resin is the dandelion. With its delicate and ethereal appearance, dandelion can be a stunning addition to a resin project.

To preserve a dandelion in resin, you will need to follow a few steps carefully. First, you will need to select a dandelion that is in good condition and has not yet gone to seed. Then, you will need to prepare your resin and pour it into a mold or container. After that, you will carefully place the dandelion in the resin and allow it to cure. Once the resin has fully cured, you can remove the dandelion from the mold and enjoy your beautiful creation.

Check out the steps in the video below!

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