98% Of People Answer This Test The Same Way. Are You In The Other 2%?

At the end of this simple test, you will be guaranteed a shocking surprise. It’s safe to say that this is a test that will actually blow your mind.

I haven’t seen anything like it. You can’t really explain it until you’ve done it. It’s really simple with some basic addition problems. Don’t grab a pen or a pencil, you won’t need it.

You just need to try it and then share it with your friends to compare the outcomes. Ready. Set. Go!

red hammer trick

What did you think of? If you’re like me you probably thought of a red hammer. So how exactly does the Red Hammer Trick work?

You are first instructed to answer a series of questions as quickly as you can without thinking about it. Then you are given a series of simple arithmetic questions get you into the mode of doing a simple calculation, accessing that part of your brain.

The questions get progressively harder (but still pretty easy), except the last arithmetic question, which is slightly easier, which primes you for answering a question quickly. They also tell you “almost done, just a couple more questions” to get you to anticipate the ending.

Then the payoff question, “Think of a color and a tool.” This suddenly causes you to access a different part of your brain that produces random associations, but still answer quickly.

Apparently, when asked to think of a color, most people will say “red” first, and when asked to hink of a tool will think of a “hammer” first. So this trick will elicit “red hammer” more often than any other combination.

The “test” then finishes by telling you that 98% of people will say “red hammer” while the other 2% will think something different. Are the percentages right?? Probably not… it’s just another part of the test.

h/t: Yahoo Answers

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