9 Old School Tech Gadgets That Were Completely Ahead Of Their Time

If it weren’t for these old devices, iPhones, iPads, FaceTime and the likes may have never been invented. We had to start somewhere and this was it.

Imagine where we’ll be ten years from now. The technological revolution has come up with some pretty amazing things and it keeps getting better.

I had maybe one or two of the items on this list.  How many did you have?

1. Palm Pilot, 1997

The Palm Pilot stored names, addresses, phone numbers, and calenders and had a stylus for entering data directly into the device.

2. Sony Digital Cassette Players/Recorders, 1987
$_3 (1)-Optimized

One of my favorites.  You were instantly cool when you walked around with these.  This was one of the first digital audio available back in the day.

3.  Polaroid Polavision, 1977
$_3 (2)-Optimized

Before camera phones, IPads, go pros, or the term “selfie” we had Polaroid Polavision.  This created two-and-half minute long videos without any sound.

4.  MSN TV, 1996
$_3 (3)-Optimized

 Before broadband and Wi-Fi, there was the MSN TV which was an effort to combine TV and the Internet in 1996.

5.  Coleco Electronic Quarterback, 1978
$_3 (4)-Optimized

 A hand-held game on a tiny screen for some of the first electronic gamers

6. Dragon Speech Recognition, 1997
$_3 (5)-Optimized

Similar to Siri, but with training wheels.  This Dragon software had to be trained to recognize its user’s voices but it really didn’t work all to well.  It did help later on to aid in the creation of Siri.

7.  Diamond Rio MP3 Player
$_3 (6)-Optimized

Before there were Apple iPods, there was this:  An mp3 player that could hold a whopping ten songs. How did we live like this?!

8.  AT&T Videophone 2500, 1993
$_3 (7)-Optimized

Woah, video phones before Skype and FaceTime?!  These babies cost $1,500 back in 1993 and didn’t do anything near what our devices can do now.

9.  Mattel Power Glove, 1989

Step aside Nintendo Wii.  Before the Xbox kinect, there was the Power Glove with optical fibers, ultrasonic speakers, and microphones to track movement that you could use to play with your Nintendo. It only ended up selling 100,000 units, and it never really caught on.

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