9 Cool And Extremely Useful Websites You Probably Never Knew Existed

With literally hundreds of millions of websites out their in the internet universe, you’re probably going to miss a few…. obviously. Below are a few websites you probably have never visited, let alone heard of. For instance, take, this website will help you get free shipping with any Amazon order.


Free streaming of every classic nickelodeon show!



If your camera is ever lost or stolen, this will help you find it. (


Provides the perfect background noise for any occasion. (



Funny and cool gift ideas that are very affordable.



Helps you get free shipping. (



Sign up for something without using your actual name. The site is LEGAL, the credit card info and SSN are fake (



Website that sends you daily random facts. (



Before calling a company, this website will tell you how to bypass the automated voice, saving you a ton of time. (



Shows you how to permanently delete any social media account. (



I could see myself trying some of these websites out, especially Nick Reboot.

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