This 3D Printed House Only Costs $10,000 And Can Be Built In One Day

Has the housing market got you down? Property taxes sky high? Well, hold tight because you might be in luck.

This San Francisco start-up built a 3D house in Russia within 24 hours and it’s totally awesome.

Apis Cor used a mobile 3D printer to print the house’s main parts of the house. Electricians still had to install wiring and the roofers still had to come up and do their thing but other than that, the house pretty much stood on its own.

The house is around 400 square feet with plenty of room for a small bed and mattress, fridge, TV, electric skillet, and a tankless water heater. Perfect for those who love tiny homes. That’s not even the best part. The price point is what’s truly amazing.

This adorable house only costs $10,134! Another cool thing about the houses is that you can even pick the shape and size.

Apis Cor put together a neat little video of the process you can see below.

For more information on these tiny houses, check out their website.

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