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The World’s Smallest 3D Drawing Pen Lets You Draw In The Air

The LIX is a 3D pen that allows you to essentially sketch in the air without the use of paper or a canvas. It’s the latest competitor in the 3D-printing market, and was launched and funded via Kickstarter. LIX is a compact pen powered by a USB port and melted plastic filament that hardens when it’s dry creating a sturdy design.

Heat up time is less than one minute. It’s similar to 3D printers in the way it melts and cools colored plastic. This is what allows its users to create freestanding structures. Doodling in the air has never been easier.

The use of LIX is versatile as well. It can be used for fashion, interior design, custom jewelry, and prototyping.




You can pre-order the LIX for about $139 here. Shipping is expected to happen sometime in June of this year.

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