45 Cool Pictures Of Things You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, however, these cool pictures are worth a thousand times that.

Some are mind-bending art installations that’ll force you to do more than just one take while others are just photos of mother nature doing awesome things AND SOME are supremely talented artists creating hypnotizing illusions for us to gaze upon.

Whichever tickles your fancy the most, you’re guaranteed to be entranced by the gallery of images below.

From a layered loaf of art to a brick path laying machine to the world’s deepest swimming pool, this gallery of 45 amazing pictures is guaranteed to blow your mind.

1. This Is ONLY One Picture


2. When a 1/2 oz piece of plastic hits aluminium at 15,000 mph in space

credit: Reddit

3. Bismuth Is a Chemical Element With An Amazing Iridescent Oxide Surface

cool pictures

4. Devil’s Fingers Fungus

5. Path-Laying Machine


6. ‘Fordite’, polished layers of car paint from a Detroit factory

credit: Reddit

7. An intact pyramid capstone, one of the few know in existence

8. Extremely rare spherical cloud formation in Japan

9. A Loaf of Art. Each Color Was Layered to Form the Picture

Bh2OAObMore info: Loren Stump

10. A 20 year old Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest Human Being, standing with his Father, 1938.

11. Rarely Seen Back of the Hoover Dam Before It Was Filled with Water in 1936


12. Bench built into a concrete wall

Design by AllesWirdGut | Photograph by Roger Wagner

13. What 10,000 horsepower does to a drag tire at launch.

14. Grass After a Lightning Strike


15. A Child’s Skull Before Losing Baby Teeth


16. A Dried Stingray

17. Harpy Eagle Claw

credits: Judie Custer – more information here

18. Present Day Manhattan Versus What It Would Have Looked Like 600 Years Ago


19. This Is What Space Mountain Looks Like With the Lights On


20. What a hedgehog skeleton looks like

21. Goodyear’s illuminated tires prototype in 1961

credit: Life Magazine 

22. Cross Section of Undersea Cable


23. 1.6 billion USD worth of gold

24. Perfect Cubes of Pyrite Formed by Mother Nature


25. Marlon Brando Before and After His Makeup Was Done for His Role in the Godfather


26. Lenticular ‘UFO’ Cloud


27. Audi TT with 84,000 miles without an oil change

28. A Music Typewriter from 1936

credit: Marcin Wichary – more information here

29. Human Vision (Top) vs. Cat Vision (Bottom)


30. What a Liter Bottle of Soda Looks Like Before Compressed Air Is Added


31. The original Ghostbusters movie set in 1984.

32. Eulagisca Gigantean, the golden worm from the sea of Antarctica

33. Grains of salt under a electron microscope.

34. Nemo 33:World’s Deepest Swimming Pool is 113 Ft. Deep and Holds 600,000 Gallons of Water

35. The Runway at the Gibraltar International Airport Has a Road Crossing


36. This Meteorite


37. Melted Glass in a Fire Damaged Building


38. Saturn’s North Pole

credit: NASA

39. Cross Section of a Commercial Airplane


40. IBM Quantum Computer.

41. The Human Vascular System

42. Disappearing bridge in Europe

more info

43. Cabbage Geometry

44. The Internal Mechanism of a Watch

YRqcihuPatek Philippe

45. Cross Section of an Elephant’s Foot

See what I mean, they are simply incredible. If these are cool make sure you check out this ancient Gingko tree that sheds a sea of golden leaves each year.

Photo credits: unknown unless noted under pictures

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