35 Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters You Never Realized Were Voiced By Celebrities

Here are some of your favorite cartoon characters that you probably never realized were voiced by some of the most famous celebrities on the planet….. okay so not all are super famous, but still.


1. The Wild Thornberrys

Screenshot (556)-Optimized

Tim Curry as Nigel Thornberry
2. Dinosaurs 
Screenshot (557)-Optimized
Jessica Walter as Fran the Dinosaur
3. Finding Nemo
Screenshot (558)-Optimized
Alexaner Gould (aka Shane Botwin) as Nemo
4. South Park
Screenshot (559)-Optimized
George Clooney as the doctor from South Park
5. Michael Cera Brother Bear
Screenshot (560)-Optimized
The Bernstein Bears
6. The Rugrats Movie
Screenshot (561)-Optimized
Bruce Willis as Spike
7. Family Guy
Screenshot (562)-Optimized
Robert Downey Jr. as Patrick Pewterschmidt
8. Rocko’s Modern Life
Screenshot (563)-Optimized
Carlos Alazraqui as Rocko
FUN FACT!! McDonald’s Commercial
Screenshot (564)-Optimized
Justin Timberlake as the guy who said, “I’m lovin’ it”
9. The Rugrats Movie
Screenshot (565)-Optimized
Busta Rhymes as Reptar
10. Ren and Stimpy
Screenshot (566)-Optimized
Frank Zappa as the pope in Ren and Stimpy
11. Shredder
Screenshot (567)-Optimized
Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince as Shredder
12. The Fairly Odd Parents
Screenshot (568)-Optimized
Jay Leno as The Crimson Chin
13. The SpongeBob Movie
Screenshot (569)-Optimized
Alec Baldwin as the bad guy Dennis
14. The voice of Lilo is the girl from The Ring
Screenshot (570)-Optimized
15. Michael J. Fox as Stuart Little

Screenshot (571)-Optimized

16. Vin Diesel as The Iron Giant

Screenshot (572)-Optimized

17. Mel Gibson as John Smith

Screenshot (574)-Optimized

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