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How To Lucid Dream With These 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered how to lucid dream? This is kind of a loaded question, but it can be done. Lucid dreaming is when you know that you are dreaming.

This can happen when you are in the middle of other dreams.

The minute you realize you are dreaming, you can control it. Sounds corny, doesn’t it! It’s very true.

How To Lucid Dream

1) Start by recording or writing down the dreams. The minute you wake up, write it down. If you have a recording device, use that too. It can record any kind of sounds you make, while you are dreaming. As you write things down, record situations and people, be they past or present. This will tell your brain that you are serious about this.

Sometimes even a trigger can set something off. Perform some tests during the day to see if you are dreaming. The more you do this, the more your brain will begin doing it while you are sleeping at night.

2) Schedule times to dream lucidly. That sounds rather corny, I know. Sometimes if you nap a few hours after you get up in the morning, you will end up dreaming lucidly. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

3) Look through recordings of past dreams. Look at certain signs and symbols that keep on reappearing. Then do a reality check on these signs during your waking hours.

You can tell it’s a dream just by certain symbols. For instance, if you dream about a specific person, write it down. Go back over how many times you have dreamed about this person, over a specific period of time. Use that person as your focal point. Each time you see them you are dreaming. You can even change the outcome of the dream, if you so wish.

Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie Inception


Inception Totem

inception totem

Will all of this allow you to penetrate other peoples dream like the movie Inception?

Probably not, but there is a lot more information regarding shared dreaming littered throughout the internet. Don’t forget your totem.

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