29 Cool Minerals And Stones So Beautiful You’d Think They’re From An Alien Planet

Typically when you think rocks and cool minerals, your mind will gravitate toward a beautiful diamond, or maybe even a brightly colored gemstone.

There are a lot, and I mean a lot of less common minerals and rocks you probably had no clue actually existed. So what are minerals?? Basically, minerals are defined as solid, inorganic, naturally occurring substances with a definite chemical formula and general structure.

Check out these 28 amazing minerals and stones that you’ll have a hard time believing are from planet earth.

1. Luz Opal With Galaxy Inside


2. Sunset Fire Opal

2Photo Credit: Jeff Schultz

3. A Malachite Rock


4. Lightning Ridge Black Opal


5. Opal Fossil


6. The ‘Empress Of Uruguay’

5Photo Credit:

7. Ocean Inside Of An Opal

6Photo Credit: Inna Gem

8. Fluorite

7Photo Credit:

9. Bismuth

8Photo Credit:

10. Titanium Quartz


11. Rose Quartz Geode


12. Chrysocolla In Malachite

11Photo Credit:

13. Azurite

12Photo Credit:

14. Scolecite


15. Watermelon Tourmaline

14Photo Credit: Igor Schwartzmann

16. Burmese Tourmaline

15Photo Credit: Jeffrey Hunt

17. Bismuth

16Photo Credit: morelikethis

18. Realgar On Calcite


19. Cobalto Calcite


20. Uvarovite

19Photo Credit: R. Tanaka

21. Combination Of Fluorite, Quartz and Pyrite

20Photo Credit:

22. Crocoite


23. Rhodochrosite


24. Rhodochrosite


25. Botswana Agate

24Photo Credit: MarijaUnkind

26. Alexandrite

25Photo Credit: Kata Kéri

27. Opalised Ammonite

26Photo Credit: Vena Cava

28. Moss Agate

29. Carnelian

28Photo Credit: Bokkenpoot

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