25 Things That Are Definitely Better Than Going Out Tonight


I’m not going to lie, going out is fun, especially if you’re single and young like me. Sometimes though, it’s a lot of work…. you have to get ready, get there, talk to everyone, spend money and wake up feeling like crap the next morning. So what’s the solution?? Staying home of course…. here’s 25 things that are way better than going out.

1. Constantine premiers on NBC tonight and is based on the comic book series “Hellblazer”

2. Obviously, there’s Netflix


3. Save money and gas

4. Horror movie marathon… Netflix. (check out our top picks here)

5. You can wear your yoga pants

6. You don’t want to waste the calories

7. Practice baking desserts

8. No makeup or hair to mess with


9. The freedom to walk around naked

10. Have a pampering night

11. Avoid traffic


12. Binge eating

13. Have a sleep over with yourself

14. Read a book… okay a magazine

15. The comfort of peeing in your own toilet

16. You have nothing to wear

17. You can wear your pj’s all night and morning.

18. Crank up the Just Dance game.

19. It takes energy to be social.


20. Create something…. anything

21. Rearrange your home

22. Catch up on things you didn’t have time for during the week

23. You need your alone time

24. No hangover in the morning

25. You are legit tired. Rest my child


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