This ’24 Carrot’ Gold Bar Cake Is The Most Expensive-Looking Dessert Ever

Carrot cake never looked so good! And so expensive. While this carrot cake is not exactly the most opulent cake in the world, it sure looks like it.

This 24 Carrot Cake, created by designer Paige Russell, includes 24 baby carrots and an expensive looking, gold fondant slathered on top. It may not have cost a million bucks, but we bet it tastes like a million bucks.

It’s simple to create thanks to the Instructable video below that guides you through the process.

Rolling the fondant
Laser etched stamps
Applying the edible gold leaf

The taste of this cake is solid gold

You can check out the entire steps over on Instructables, and you can check out even more awesome creations from Paige here.

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