21 McDonald’s Menu Items Not Available In The United States… But Should Be

Ahhh McDonald’s, the greatest eating establishment ever created. You’re not American unless you’ve had one of their Big Macs…. and while it’s terrible for you, it’s pretty damn good. What’s surprising, and what you probably didn’t know… is that McDonald’s has different menu items for other countries. While a few of the menu items are the same everywhere, there are some that are very strange and quite interesting.


1. McSpicy Paneer: India


It’s a fried curd cheese patty topped with tandoori sauce, red cabbage and lettuce served on a sesame roll

2. McDonald’s Cheese Katsu Burger: Japan


It’s melted cheese inside fried pork cutlets with sliced cabbage and sweet and sour sauces.

3. Crock Brie: Italy


 Deep-fried triangles of oozing brie cheese

4. Matcha McFlurry: Japan


Green tea powder, giving it the green coloring, with a heap of crushed Oreo bits.

5. McLobster: Canada


100% Atlantic lobster meat with diced celery, light salad dressing and lettuce. Served on a soft roll.

6. Poutine: Canada


McDonald’s drizzles gravy and cheese curds on its french fries.

7. Bubur Ayam McD: Malaysia


Porridge, chicken strips, spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chillies. In Singapore, it’s called Chicken SingaPorridge.

8. Bacon Rolls: U.K.


The bacon is sourced from British farms and served on a roll with either ketchup or brown sauce.

9. Samurai Burger: Asia


The Samurai burger comes with either a chicken patty or a beef patty coated in Teriyaki sauce with mayonnaise and lettuce.

10. Gazpacho Soup: Spain


Classic summer soup is served chilled with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, celery, lemon juice and hot sauce.

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