21 Incredible Facts About Planet Earth That Will Boggle Your Mind

12. The hottest temperature ever recorded was 134 degrees F (56.7 degrees C), in El Azizia, Libya.


13. The coldest temperature ever recorded was minus 128.6 degrees F (minus 89.2 degrees C), in Antarctica’s vostok station.


14. Antarctica contains about 70% of Earth’s fresh water and 90% of its ice.


15. The occurrence of 4 seasons has nothing to do with the distance of Earth from the Sun, but is due to the way the planet is tilted on its axis.


16. Earth had a twin planet called Theia.



17. The highest point on earth is not Mount Everest, but actually Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador.


18. The lowest point on dry land is the shore of the Dead Sea, shared by Israel and Jordan.


19. About 1,000 tons of space debris rains down on Earth every year.


20. And finally, did you know that Earth is the only planet not named for a mythological god or goddess?


Bonus: In 250 million years, a day will last 25.5 hours due to the slower rotation of the Earth around its axis.

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