21 Cool Abandoned Movie Sets That You Can Actually Still Visit

Movies allow us into various worlds.

Imagination and possibilities are endless together with mountains of creativity.

It’s no wonder these abandoned movie sets are anything short of fascinating to see.

These destinations are all over the world and are like a character in the movies themselves.

Star Wars — Tatooine

1Photo credit: Ra di Martino

2Photo Credit: Ra di Martino

Tunisia and Morocco were the only places that could host the Mars-like Grande Dunes.

Pirates of the Caribbean — Port Royale

3Photo credit: Wallilabou Anchorage

4Photo credit: Wallilabou Anchorage

This is Wallilabou bay which acted as Port Royale in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hunger Games — District 12

Photo credit: Worth Saving

Recognize these? These are the slums from District 12 located at Henry River Mill Village, North Carolina.

Lord of the Rings — The Shire

Photo credit: Sara Orme

Matamata, New Zealand. At this point, it’s occupied by more sheep than hobbits.

Schindler’s List — Płaszów Labor Camp

9Photo credit salamanderz

This is the chilling replica of Płaszów Labor Camp and remains in Krakow, Poland.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters — Augsburg

10Photo credit: ethan_kahn

You can find these remains nestled in a forest a few miles away from Berlin, Germany.

Cleopatra and The Passion of the Christ — Rome

12Photo credit: Luca Locatelli / Wired

13Photo credit: Luca Locatelli / Wired

When the movie industry declined in Rome, these classic Roman streets were abandoned.

Blue Brothers — Mall Chase

14Photo credit: SchuminWeb

This is the Dixie Square Mall in Harvey, Illinois that was actually abandoned before it was wrecked for the iconic chase scene.

Full Metal Jacket — Vietnam

16Photo credit: John Gulllver

Director Stanley Kubrick hated to travel so he shot Full Metal Jacket in London, England. Beckton Gas Works was used to shoot various major battle scenes.

M*A*S*H — The Sign

17Photo credit: unknown

Here is one of the sets of M*A*S*H shot 25 miles south of Los Angeles a.k.a. Malibu State Park.

Batman (1989) — Gotham City

18Photo credit: 1989 Batman

19Photo credit: 1989 Batman

The set of Gotham City was left to rot after Batman ended shooting, located in Buckinghamshire, England

Lone Star — Township

20Photo credit: Adventures of a Couchsurfer

21Photo credit: Adventures of a Couchsurfer

Contrabando, Texas.

The Abyss — Submarine

22Photo credit: io9 / Cyriaque Lamar

Gaffney, South Carolina is home to the remains of the unfinished Cherokee Nuclear Plant which was used to film underwater scenes in The Abyss.

Popeye — Popeye Village

24Photo credit: Wusel007/Wikimedia

25Photo credit: Wusel007/Wikimedia

Mellieħa, Malta.

The Patriot — Spanish Mission

26Photo credit: ethan_kahn

Cypress Gardens, South Carolina.

The Hills Have Eyes — Gas Haven

28Photo credit: olancia

29Photo credit: olancia

Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco.

Big Fish — Spectre

30Photo credits: imgur user

31Photo credit: imgur user

Spectre, Alabama.

The Fugitive — Escape Scene

32Photo credit: Raptors Nest

Dillsboro, North Carolina.

Looper — Diner

34Photo credit Bailee Grissom

35Photo credit: Bailee Grissom

Napoleonville, Louisiana.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly — Frontier Town

38Photo credit: Michele Z

39Photo credit: Mundoculturalhispano

Tabernas Desert in Spain.

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