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2 Teenagers Just Invented Something Incredible, And It Could Be The Next TiVo

Typically, when you’re watching a good movie or show in a cold dark room with a full belly, you’re going to happen to fall asleep. I mean, if you’re human that is. Two British teenagers commissioned by Virgin Media’s Switched on Futures initiatives developed a 3 D-printed wristband that senses when you’re starting to snooze.


It pauses, records and resumes the show currently being watched


The wristband, which is called a KipstR, mimics a TiVo remote by pausing and recording your favorite shows when it senses you’ve fallen asleep. The two students from Manchester Creative Studio named Ryan Oliver and Jonathan Kingsley helped to develop the 3D printed wearable wristband (which isn’t much bigger than your average watch), and is still in prototype status.

It measures the users heart rate to determine if you fall asleep


Here’s how cool this wristband is: the Daily Mail is quoted saying, it “features a spark core chip, pulse-oximeter, push button, sleep mode indicator, and a small LiPo battery.”

And according to Digital Trends, “the KipstR’s pulse-oximeter monitors the flow of blood to determine your levels of alertness. When your blood flow slows to sleeping speeds, the spark core chip in the KipstR is triggered and tells your TiVo box to pause or record the show you’re watching. Conversely, when you wake up, your blood flow speeds up, and KipstR sends a message to your TiVO to resume play.”

The KipstR band isn’t printed with just any 3D printing material. This special wristband uses Object Connex 3D Printer a Polyjet resin, which is stronger than your typical printing material. Oh yeah, and if you want to purchase one, it should be available by next Christmas.


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