19 Random Things You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know

You know those random things that pop up every now and again where they completely blow your mind when you take the time to examine them a little closer.

Like, when you thought Whataburger was “Waterburger” or that time you thought Washington D.C. was Washington state. Oh, and there is also a law in Washington against shooting Bigfoot. The creature doesn’t even exist and there was a law passed in 1969 that is currently still intact to this very day.

Yeah, we are talking about those little things in this post. After reading this, you’ll definitely be a whole lot wiser than you were a minute ago.

1. Fire has no shadow


2. Shoot Bigfoot (no joke)

random things

3. It’s not Fun-guy


4. The Tostitos logo is two people sharing chips and salsa


5. What about this nugget of truth?


6. Baby rabbits are actually kittens


7. Einstein’s last words
8. Up to 90 percent of U.S. paper money contains traces of cocaine

9. There is a right way and a wrong way to use a bobby pin


10. Russia is bigger than Pluto

11. You can’t smell while you’re sleeping


Since no one ever believes this, here’s an excerpt from ABC News:

But, the idea that a smell will wake you up is not true,” says psychologist Rachel S. Herz, who has spent nearly 15 years researching smells. She teamed up with Mary A. Carskadon, professor of psychiatry at Brown and a sleep expert, for the research. Their findings were published in a recent issue of the journal Sleep.

12. Have you ever noticed the cyclist in the R of this logo?


13. Toad is the most profane Super Mario character


14. Whoa
15. Shouting at your coffee

16. The proper way to peel a Mandarin orange


17. Turkeys

18. It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter

19. Say what?!


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