19 Mind Blowing Things That Prove The Future Of Technology Is Already Here

If you think we’re still pretty far away from the future…. think again, because it’s already here. Don’t believe me? Check out the incredible technology and products below. And to think… this stuff has been around us all this time and you probably didn’t even know it.


1. Ice cream holograms… What?!


2. Ultra-Ever Dry


3. Oculus Rift being use for 3D Imaging


4. Spoons to help Parkinson’s Disease


5. Actual digital library


6. Incredible subway advertisements


7. This!




8. App giving you real time translation


9. Trashcan that can guess where you’re going to toss that waste


10. Astronaut in space taking a selfie


11. Robot human


12. Amazing green screen technology


13. Door goes private once locked


14. This is how much Shanghai has grown since 1987


15. We’re in the process of creating truly transparent vehicles
16. This door… yes, it’s real


17. Bionic limbs are absolutely incredible and fully functional


18. The amount of planets we’ve discovered this year, compared to the last 2 decades


19. All of these can now fit in your pocket



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