17 Of The Most Magnificent Damn Trees On The Entire Planet

All of these trees will leave you in complete and utter awe. Not only are trees one of the most essential tools to our environment, they are remarkably the most beautiful.

Granted, some of the trees you see below aren’t exactly trees (the Wisteria is a vine, Rhododendrons are shrubs, and bamboo technically belongs to the grass family).

However, they fit beautifully within this post and we thought you’d really appreciate them. All of these majestic trees look as though they came directly from one of your favorite fairytales.

Take a moment, and enjoy this natural and irreplaceable scenery from around the world:

Trees are your best antiques. ~Alexander Smith

125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree” In Canada
144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan

2image /

3image /  y-fu

Wind-Swept Trees In New Zealand

4image Seabird Nz

Beautiful Japanese Maple In Portland, Oregon

5image / falcor88

Antarctic Beech Draped In Hanging Moss In Oregon

6 image / Drew Hopper

Blooming Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany

7image / Adas Meliauskas

Angel Oak In John’s Island In South Carolina

8image / Daniela Duncan

Flamboyant Tree, Brazil

9image / Salete T Silva

Dragonblood Trees, Yemen

10image /  Csilla Zelko

The President, Third-Largest Giant Sequoia Tree In The World, California
Maple Tree Tunnel in Oregon

12image / Ian Sane

Rainbow Eucalyptus In Kauai, Hawaii

13image / jwilsonnorton

14image / Christopher Martin

Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa

15image / Elizabeth Kendall

Avenue Of Oaks At Dixie Plantation In South Carolina

16image / Lee Sosby

Baobab Trees In Madagascar

17image / confitalsurf

The Dark Hedges In Northern Ireland

18image / Stephen Emerson

19image / Christopher Tait

Gingko Tree in China


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