17 Incredible Inventions That Prove The Future Is Now

What was once not even imaginable, is now a reality.

That’s what you can say about these mind-bending inventions below. Every day, technology seems to advance further and further, it’s almost unbelievable what we can accomplish today.

The future is happening now folks and these 17 future inventions prove that. Just take a look below.

1. Camera changes what you see into any language

2. Machine is the fastest to solve a Rubiks cube (the new record is currently three seconds, by a different machine)


3. That’s incredible


4. When locked, the door changes


5. Trash can moves wherever trash is thrown


6. 3D metal printing


7. Virtual reality store in South Korea. All items are touchscreen and can be picked up when you leave.

8. Bendable phone screen

9. Eye camera

10. Google Fiber: amazing download speed

11. The Tesla interface in it’s car

12. New refrigerator set to release in 2015. It uses gel to keep everything cool.

13. That phone, can do all of that…. Oh yeah
14. Pay at your table
15. Exoskeleton cast is lightweight and durable

16. Print what ever souvenir you want

17. Digital library, similar to the virtual reality store in South Korea

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