15 Unintentionally Perverted Children’s Toys That Are Hilarious


I love toys, well maybe not as much as I used to, but still. Some toys will make or break a company, because if you don’t appeal to the child immediately, they’ll be moving on to the next one. Now, not to say that these toys below were failures… they were just poorly designed. Some of these I’m not sure how they even made it to store selves.

1. A child’s coat hanger that has… well… yeah.



2. Dora Aquapet… LOL yeah sure it is.


3. This Rafiki on Simba toy that’s in a very awkward position


4. Tarzan….. he’s totally fine until you turn him on. Lets just say, his arm does something your mom would not want to know.


5. Wolverine Squeaky Hammer


6. Vibrating Harry Potter broom stick

7. Growing Up Skipper


8. Balzac, the name says it all


9. Mr. Bucket

10. Batman Water Gun


11. Fr-ooze Pop


12. Punisher Shape Shifters


13. Just look where you enter


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