21 Satisfyingly Beautiful Welds That Are Basically Works Of Art

Welding art is truly an art, I mean seriously, scroll through these pictures below and you’ll instantly get want I’m talking about.

Even if you don’t like welding or have absolutely no interest in it it’s hard not to be impressed by these incredible welds.

There’s many different welding methods, such as MIG Welding and Electroslag welding, but basically, welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by fusion.

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Here’s a fun fact about welding. Did you know that the earliest recorded welds occurred in 3,500 B.C. Pictures of welders and tools have been discovered in sealed Egyptian tombs.

And here’s another one, 950 man hours are spent welding and fabricating parts for each race car in NASCAR.

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11By / dickwally

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15By / Scott Raabe

By / David Madero

By / @houses__house

welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-13By / Richard Lauth

welding-art-dickwally-richard-laut-21By / Richard Lauth

welds-by-scott-raabe-10By / Scott Raabe

Valentino Balboni’s Titanium Exhaust


Photo by: Dino Dalle Carbonare / More info: Here

Combine all of that with some serious talent and you’ll get these incredibly beautiful welds your looking at.

Oh yeah, if you like these make sure to head on over to WeldPorn’s Facebook page and website where you can check out even more pictures and apparel!

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