15 Of The Greatest Movie Villain Pumpkin Carvings Ever Created


If you missed our post over 15 creative pumpkin carvings the other day, then I would definitely check those out after you see these. With Halloween now only 21 days away, your’re probably going to see quite a lot of epic pumpkin carvings.

Some people take these carvings to the extreme, and what better way to do that then carving movie villains into them…. these are totally awesome.

1. The Joker

Screenshot (221)-OptimizedSource: galleryhip

2. Bane

Screenshot (222)-OptimizedSource:  imgarcade

3. Freddy Kruger

Screenshot (223)-OptimizedSource: fantasypumpkins

4. Gollum

Screenshot (224)-OptimizedSource: flickr

5. Loki

Screenshot (225)-OptimizedSource: cheezburger

6. Maleficent

Screenshot (226)-OptimizedSource: disneyvillains

7. Kang and Kodos

Screenshot (227)-OptimizedSource: lefthandhorror

8. Venom

Screenshot (229)-OptimizedSource: deviantart

9. Hannibal Lecter

Screenshot (230)-OptimizedSource: zavida

10. Scar

Screenshot (232)-OptimizedSource: deviantart

11. Mr. Burns

Screenshot (233)-OptimizedSource: holykaw

12. Voldemort 

Screenshot (234)-OptimizedSource: imageshack

13. Darth Vader

Screenshot (235)-OptimizedSource: chinnychinchin

14. Oogie Boogie

Screenshot (236)-OptimizedSource: galleryhip

15. Davy Jones

Screenshot (237)-Optimized(H/T College Humor)

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