15 Hilarious And Epic Ways People Have Actually Quit Their Jobs

Most people fantasize about the many funny, creative and disruptive ways they can finally quit their horrible jobs…. Luckily, you can live through these 15 people below…. I mean if you’re going to quit your job, might as well do it in epic fashion…. am I right? Anyone can put in a boring two weeks notice, but where’s the fun in that. What’s really great is when your boss is a total prick and you get to stick it to the man, so to speak…. kind of like these.


1. An entire Chipotle decides to quit all at once


2. Jarrad Farbs designs an entire level of Mario to help him quit his job as a game designer


You can play the game here. It’s pretty hilarious.

3. Joey DeFrancesco recruits and entire marching band to help him quit his hotel job

4. This former computer programmer


5. Insurance salesman hires a mariachi band and wears a banana suite to quit his job

6. Chris Holmes baked this cake…. his boss probably didn’t mind too much


7. Joy Mukharji uses the Stars Wars intro

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