15 Cringeworthy Children’s Toys That Are Hilariously Inappropriate

Anyone that has a child is probably familiar with all the crazy and strange children’s toys that you can buy.

Some toys can be quite education and fun, while others…. well, lets just say, should have never been manufactured.

Some of these toys have been pulled completely due to controversy… but some of these you can actually still buy.

1. Dora Aquapet

2. The blow valve on this Marvel toy

3. Pole dance Barbie



disturbing childrens toys

5. Fun Shapes

funny poop toys

6. Baby having baby

kids toy fail

7. Glitter poop

poop toy fails

8. These stuffed toys

poop toys

9. Lil’ Monkey


10. Child’s strait jacket


11. Double Shot!

toy fail

12. Mickey Mouse Mic

13. This baby

worst baby toys

14. Shave the baby

wtf childrens toy

15. Stuff… Hug… Play

75 Not For Kids

I don’t I think I’m just going to go the old school route and buy my kid a slinky…. LOL.

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