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14 Of Our Scariest And Most Chilling Stories Perfect For Halloween Night

Happy Halloween! All month long we’ve been posting chilling stories and creepy places. In case you’ve missed anything, below are some of our creepiest posts perfect for Halloween night! Check them out below!


Two Sentence Horror Stories

9 Of The Most Terrifying Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever Told
9 Of The Most Terrifying Two Sentence Horror Stories Ever Told (Part 2)
Here Are 20 Of The Most Chilling Two-Sentence Horror Stories You’ll Ever Read


Short Stories, Urban Legends & More

13 Of The Most Chilling Short Horror Stories Ever Told
These 10 Terrifying Urban Legends Will Send Chills Down Your Spine
18 Wikipedia Pages That Will Make It Impossible For You To Sleep Tonight
Parents Describing Their Kids’ Creepy Imaginary Friends Is Incredibly Chilling

Terrifying Places

This Creepy Park In Ireland Has Some Of The Most Disturbing And Chilling Statues On Earth
The Most Haunted Night Club In America Is A Supernatural Nightmare


Creepy Sounds

Here Are 13 Of The Most Bone-Chilling Recordings You’ll Ever Hear
NASA Actually Recorded Sound In Space, And It’s Absolutely Chilling


Scary Pictures

16 Completely Random, But Chilling Photos You’ll Really Wish You Could Unsee
21 Super Creepy Black And White Photos That Will Forever Haunt Your Dreams


Extreme Haunts

7 Of The Most Extreme And Disturbing Haunted Houses On Earth


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