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Top 5 Similar Sites To 123Movies For Streaming Movies Online

One of these free streaming websites that has been around for quite some time is 123Movies.

It’s an incredibly clean website with a modern design. On their main homepage, there are tons of great suggested titles that you can begin watching with just a click.

These days, a growing majority are watching movies and TV shows directly on their laptops, tablets, and phones. With universally fast internet speeds, streaming high definition video is the standard.

People are usually watching movies or TV series on one of several subscription-based platforms to choose from, but there are quite a lot of free streaming websites available as well. And many of these free websites have even larger media libraries than the paid platforms.

Not only is 123Movies completely free to view all of their movies and television shows, they also don’t require you to create an account.



This website has a fantastic search function that makes it really easy to find and watch whatever is the latest hit movie, or the TV series that you want to binge watch. Along with their search function are many categories if you’re just looking to find something new to watch.

You can choose by genre like most sites, but you can also choose by what’s the most popular according to their users, what year it’s released, and even what actor it stars. You can also go back and see what movies and shows were the most popular on their site each year, going back to 2009.

Not only can you find the latest hits, but their large library has a lot of older titles as well. Which is perfect if you’re trying to find an older, more obscure movie or show that is hard to find on other platforms.

Most of their titles are in great quality, high resolution video. The exception to this are movies that are still in theaters. While you can watch many of those on this streaming site, they are usually labeled as “cam” which means it was filmed by a cheap camera or phone inside of a movie theater.

The only time there seem to be any high resolution copies of movies still in theaters is during award season when movie screeners get leaked online.

Just about any title you can think of can be found on 123Movies. However in the rare case you can’t find one, below are five more alternatives.


Yes Movies

Yes Movies is another free movie and TV series streaming website. Like 123Movies, you can watch anything in their library completely for free and there is no need to create an account either.

Sporting a robust library full of new hits and fantastic older titles as well, YesMovies will have most of the more popular things you will want to watch. You may have some trouble finding some of the more obscure shows or movies, however their search function works great.

The website has a dark background, which is much easier on the eyes when browsing before watching a movie. A lot of these free streaming websites use a bright white background, which looks clean, but can be a little too harsh on the eyes. The dark background gives it more of a relaxing, dark movie theater vibe.

They also has movies currently in theaters and what’s nice is that the image of the title on their homepage shows if it’s a cam or HD version without the need to click on it first. Once a title is chosen, there are several linked files to choose from in case some servers are slower than others.


YouTube – Movies & Shows Channel


Surprisingly, YouTube actually has a decently sized library of free movies to watch right on their website. Unfortunately, most of the titles are old, and finding a film of a higher quality requires a bit of digging.

What’s nice about YouTube’s free to watch movie section is that it’s built right into their platform, which means incredibly efficient streaming, regardless if your internet is a little slow at times.

The biggest downside to the movie and show section, is that ads are frequent and can be jarring. An advertisement that lasts around 15 seconds will play every 10 minutes or so. This isn’t too bad for a free movie, but it will cut to an advertisement regardless of what is going on in the film. Even if it’s mid-conversion or a big action scene. It’s not like television commercials where they try to cut to commercial at opportune times.

Starting in 2020, free access to all of YouTube’s original television shows and movies will be available as well. No premium account will be needed. However the current free movie section and the one starting in 2020 are both limited to select countries.



SolarMovie is another free streaming site that has been around a very long time. And they have an equally large library of content as well. You can find just about anything here. Not only do they have a search function that works rather well, but they also have a really good filtering system. This works great if you are trying to browse specific genres, and then want to filter that by year, or another useful variable.

One feature that this streaming website has that is a bit more unique when it comes to these free streaming sites is the auto-play feature when watching TV programs. If you want to binge-watch the show everyone is talking about, simply start watching the first episode, and once it finishes, it will automatically start playing the next episode in the series.

There is no need to go back to a main navigation menu or anything of the sort. People who are already used to this feature on platforms such as Netflix will really appreciate it.

It also has one of the better suggested title sections on their homepage as well. Suggestions are updated pretty regularly and you can also sort by new.




Hulu is one of the big three subscription services. The other two being Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. However, Hulu does have a generous free trial so you can see if you like it.

While its library will be a bit limited compared to some of the popular free streaming sites that are out there, what they do have is of very high quality. They have popular movies and shows, exlusive original programming, and everything is in beautiful high definition. The picture quality is much better than most of the free streaming sites. It is on par with Netflix.

The navigation is also a bit of an upgrade compared to the other free streaming sites. You can add movies and shows to your own personal list to watch later. Their is also an app so you can watch it on other devices such as your smartphone, tablet, or a streaming device that connects to your television. Some televisions now even have these apps built-in.

If you’re interested the free trial is definitely worth a shot even if you just want to binge watch a specific show during the trial. After your trial is up there are several options to choose from.




Putlocker is another website like 123Movies and SolarMovie that has been around for a long time. Like many of these websites, the domain names often get shutdown and they have to change to a brand new domain name extension. This can also change the design of the site too.

Anyone who has used this website in the past may notice how different it looks now compared to year ago. However, these changes are for the best as the sleek, minimal design is easy to navigate.

Like most similar free online streaming websites, doesn’t host any of the media files for their movies or television series themselves. Instead, once you find a title you want to watch, they show a video that is hosted on external, third-party servers. Depending on the server, it can get slow at times.

Luckily, multiple servers are listed for most titles, so when one is running a little slow you can easily switch to a new server.

Their library is very large. It is right up there with the other popular ones. In fact, these top free streaming sites usually have libraries of content that are much larger than any of the popular paid subscription streaming platforms.

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