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12 Of The Most Haunted Places In The U.S. That You Need To Visit Before You Die


These homes and hotels located around the United States are some of the most haunted places you can actually visit…. and some you can actually stay in. So if you’re into these kind of paranormal places, I definitely recommend visiting all of these before you DIE!!

Winchester Mystery House located in San Jose, CA

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The Amityville House located in New Jersey

download (2)

Cassadaga Hotel located in Florida

download (3)

The White House

download (4)

Myrtles Plantation in Louisianian

download (5)

Joshua Ward House in Massachusetts

download (6)

The Lalaurie House in New Orleans

download (7)

Franklin Castle in Ohio

download (8)

The Whaley House in San Diego

download (9)

The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis

download (10)

Villisca Ax Murders house in Iowa

download (11)

The Chelsea Hotel located in New York City

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