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12 Creepy Real-Life Haunted Houses, And The Terrifying Past Behind Them

Seph Lawless, a photographer, decided to head out to various towns in Ohio, Texas, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for real life haunted houses. This is for his new book titled 13: An American Horror Story. Some of the houses look just as creepy as they make them out to be in movies. Some have a history of strange deaths, murders, and even voices coming from one home.


1. According to reports, after both parents committed double suicide in the Sayer House, their four small children raised themselves for more than a decade


We’ve all heard of the TV show “American Horror Story” well, included in the photographer’s photo series is the actual house, the Bailey House, in Hartford Connecticut, that inspired the FX TV show. Each photo of the houses contains a short story. Some of the houses date back to the 1800s and include ex-brothel homes where mysterious bodies were discovered in cellars.

2. The Bailey House in Hartford, Connecticut, which inspired the TV show American Horror Story. It’s said that a woman killed her entire family and then hanged herself in the basement.



3. The Temple Haunted Mansion in Detroit, Michigan, is where a triple murder occurred in 1942



4. The Haught Mansion in Brush Park, Michigan, used to be a brothel. A number of bodies were discovered in the cellar



5. The Cater House Estates in Buffalo, New York. Home to a local sheriff who committed suicide by shooting himself… Locals say they hear voices from the home constantly



6. Milan Mansion located in Ohio. The locals claim that the owner was a practicing witch



7. This Cleveland home was where serial killer Michael Madison tortured and killed his victims


8. This is the Akron, Ohio childhood home of Robert Berdella, one of the most notorious serial murderers in US history



9. The Nova House in Youngstown, Ohio, is where a man named Benjamin Albright accidentally shot his son to death. Albright then killed himself and his wife out of anguish. The families belongings still remain inside… untouched



10. The Oliver Family Mansion in Chester, Pennsylvania.  In 1898, the family went missing and were never found. Locals say there have been sightings of the family in the windows.



11. Creepy Doll Mansion in Philadelphia, PA. The home is filled with nothing but dolls.



12. The Hooley Haunted Mansion in Texas… known for multiple strange deaths


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