11 Things Lying Around Your House That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Valuable

Sometimes when we see old junk lying around the house are first instinct is to get rid of it. What you should be asking yourself is, how much is it worth? Check out these nine items that you may have sitting around your house, that could possibly be worth a small fortune. Obviously, some of these items may not go for the price they’re listed, but you get the point.


1. Old/Classic Books and Comics

Classic books typically gain value as they age, same goes for comics. While some are worth way more than others, it’s best to do your research.


2. Toys and games

These are something I’m sure you have lying around your house somewhere. Pretty much anything from the 90’s era has some pretty good value on auction sites like eBay. Just check out what someone listed the Game Boy Color for.


 3. Old Electronics

There is always a market for old electronics. Obviously, it depends on the condition and the current market value for that item at that time.


 4. Old Magazines and Advertisements

The market is always good for selling old magazines, there are always collectors looking for them. TIME Magazine is a good example, who knows, maybe you have hundreds of them lying around in your attic.


5. Coins

Having the right coin in your possession can fetch you some serious cash. So start digging through that piggy bank.


 6. Cards

The market varies quite a bit for collectible cards, but they can still go for a pretty penny. Pokemon, baseball and football cards are really good examples, I’m sure you have some of those lying around. I personally have hundreds of Pokemon cards I’m fixing to sell off.


 7. Stamps

These are either worth nothing or worth a lot. Pull out some old and start doing some research.


8. Costume Jewelry

You probably didn’t know that costume jewelry can be worth a good deal of money. Price is determined by how old, condition and the designer of the piece.


Screenshot (61)

 9. Vinyl Records

No depending on your age, you may have to hunt down your parents for these, because they are sure to have some lying around. Depending on the condition, who the band is, and if it comes with a sleeve you might be sitting on a small fortune.


Screenshot (62)

10. Original Game Boy / Never Opened


This particular Game Boy actually sold… so start digging around because I’m sure you have one of these around. The only problem is that most people actually opened and played them.

11. Old Magazines


Now I know you have some of these lying around somewhere…. ;). Now granted it’s probably not a 1953 edition with Marilyn Monroe, but we can all hope right?!

Now, you probably don’t have every item on this list, you may not even have one item. But the main point behind this article is that you probably have some old stuff hoarded away somewhere that may possibly be worth a small fortune…. or at least a few bucks.


Let us know if you have any of these lying around your house. Also, make sure ti give this a share on Facebook before you go. (h/t Mashable)

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