What’s It’s Like To Swim With Millions Of Jellyfish Is Both Surreal And Beautiful

Jellyfish Lake is nestled in the Eil Malk Island of Palau. Palau is a paradise island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It’s no surprise the marine life is anything short of incredible and we are just dying to see it. Thanks snorkeler mikeyk730, we are able to get a closer look into the life of a jellyfish.



The lake is home to millions of golden and moon jellyfish. Often times, we are afraid of jellyfish due to their sting cells but these in particular aren’t powerful enough to cause injury to humans. Scuba diving in Jellyfish Lake is banned because of air bubbles that have the potential of harming the fish.

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Hidden 50 feet below Jellyfish lake is something even more dangerous; the anoxic layer that contains high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide which is extremely dangerous to human life and potentially fatal. While danger continues to lurk beneath the lake, it’s amazing to have even the slightest glimpse into the life of these extraordinary jellyfish. Oh… and the millions number is accurate, as they migrate horizontally across the lake daily.

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