Artist Creates Miniature Masterpieces On Tiny Circles Of Plexiglas

At ‘the world’s smallest museum,’ an incredible series of miniature paintings on Plexiglas titled, “Cycling Guide to Lilliput” presents magnificence. The series was created by Dina Brodsky based on her travelling experiences throughout Europe. Most of the tiny paintings are of landscapes like forests, fields, and villages. The collection currently contains 50 astonishing portraits.


Painting such tiny works of art (only 2 inches in diameter) requires a lot of practice, skill, concentration, and of course very fine brushes










According to Brodsky, “Each miniature is an attempt to capture a specific moment throughout my travels that I can return to vividly in my memory. I like to think that the reason my works have gotten so tiny over the years is that painting itself is partially an act of meditation, of being able to hold something still enough in my mind that I can capture an image of it.”

“As it becomes easier to slip into that meditative state, the object I need to concentrate on becomes smaller.”

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