This Newly Discovered Costa Rican Frog Looks Exactly Like A Real-Life Kermit

Apparently there’s a real-life Kermit the Frog lurking in the Caribbean Talamanca Mountains and was discovered by the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center. According to Brian Kubicki, founder of the research center, this is a “good indicator of the general health of the eco-system,” which is the first Costa Rican glass frog discovery since 1973.


They are called Glass frogs because of their transparent like skin. The official name of the newly discovered species is the Hyalinobatrachium dianae, after Kubicki’s mother, Diana.


This marks the 14th species of glass frog identified in Costa Rica




Surely, Jim Henson would have been thrilled…Be sure to give this a like and a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. (h/t EliteDaily) (photo credits: Brian Kubicki)

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