The Right Cup Tricks Your Brain Into Thinking Water Tastes Delicious

Need help drinking more water, but hate its bland flavor? The right cup might just be the answer you’ve been hoping for.

It works by tricking your brain into thinking you’re drinking something fruity.

How do you trick your brain like that? By manipulating your sense of smell.


The Right Cup has truly put some fun into drinking water. It’s the world’s first fruit-flavored-cup specifically designed to get people to drink more water.


While the idea may seem simple, The Right Cup entailed six years of thorough research.


Your brain identifies flavors using two main senses: taste and smell. Inserted into The Right Cup is FDA approved fruit scent and flavor.


Your nose picks up the fruity scent, while your tongue senses the hint of a sweet taste, this tricking the brain into thinking you’re drinking something with flavor.
r0phu7ovneunih99w2f1The cup is available for purchase on Indiegogo


They have various different packages, but it’s going to cost you about $49 for (2) cups… The right cup currently being sold on indiegogo, and you can buy them here.

You can also check out more over at there Facebook page.

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