This Incredibly Rare Rain Bomb Falling From The Sky Looks Insane

So here’s something you rarely get to see… a freaking rain bomb, or the technical term “microburst“! Yeah… I’ve never heard of that term either, but it’s actually really a thing.

Basically, it happens when hot, dry air rises and mixes with heavy rain-bearing clouds.

Most of the water droplets in the clouds evaporate, causing a swift cooling of the air around them… it then starts to sink.

The falling air pulls the remaining raindrops with it, creating one hell of a downpour.

How awesome is this?!

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This was captured in Queensland, Australia, by farmer Peter Thompson

6050048-3x2-700x467photo credit: Peter Thompson

Here’s a graph showing how it happens



Here’s the video captured during the process… it’s pretty cool to say the least.

If you thought that was crazy check out the one that fell over Phoenix this year (HERE)! It’s even better.

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