This Incredibly Cool Bridge In Europe Disappears Into An Underwater Tunnel

Öresund Bridge is located across the Öresund strait in the most southern portion of Sweden and Denmark.

It’s the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, which connects two major metropolitan areas: Copenhagen and Malmö.

The bridge, which is 5 miles long, runs through to an artificial island and then transitions into a tunnel for another 2.5 miles.

It’s an award winning double-track railway and motorway that made its official debut in July of 2000.


Most people who go by train across Øresund journey back and forth between Copenhagen and Malmö in a matter of 35 minutes. This engineering feat has allowed approximately 3.7 million people in the area the opportunity to work on both sides of these large metro areas.






7Photograph by Koosha Paridel




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