This Incredible Invention Proves That The Future Of Technology Has Officially Arrived

Wow, so there’s this device (not on the market just yet) that would allow your skin to act as a touch screen device. Yes– you can now scroll through your feeds, text, or email right from your arm. How in the world? The Cicret Bracelet works by creating a projection from the wristband straight onto your skin, which then allows the skin to act as your mobile device on the surface of your arm.




Cicret wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet and projects the screen on your skin using a pico-projector and proximity sensors. And users would be able to do everything that they already do on their smartphones right from their arm. I’m assuming you’d still need to whip out your phone to use your camera (duh).

The interface works exactly the same: you can tap, swipe and pinch the projection on your wrist. The company is still raising funds to complete their first prototype.

Check the weather


Google Maps


Play your favorite app
Check out the video


You can check out the website here for the Cicret. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go. (H/T Design Boom) (via cicret)

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