This Guy’s Incredibly Realistic Body Paintings Reveal What Lies Beneath Our Skin

If I got to paint like this in anatomy class, I would have probably received better grades. Try and imagine all 640 skeletal muscles within your body, and almost every muscle constitutes one part of a pair of identical two-sided muscles, which means that there are 320 pairs of muscles in your body.

The human body is an incredible creation comprised of 270 bones at birth and decreases down to 206 by adulthood when they all fuse together.


Anatomical illustrations painted directly onto bodies has gained major traction around the web. Artist and recent Pratt graduate Danny Quirk continues to amaze us with these highly realistic works of art. To be able to portray these vivid paintings on human bodies, he uses acrylic paint, latex, and sharpies to reveal what all the intricate muscles, tissue, and organs really look like beneath our skin.


The inner workings of the cheek and neck





The back muscles 






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