This Guy’s Detailed LEGO Creations Are Some Of The Most Impressive You’ll Ever See

Carl Merriam is a true LEGO master, he builds some of the most detailed and amazing LEGO creations I have ever seen. He is known best for his extremely intricate LEGO designs, and for creating a fully functional microscope using only LEGO’s. We hand picked a few of his creations below, and if you would like to see more of his designs you can check out his website Brick Laboratory for more!


Dr. King Schultz’s wagon from Django Unchained






“Cold” weather in California


Bioshock Infinite fans will get this

Falkor The Luckdragon

Artax and Atreyu in the Swamp of Sadness

Functional microscope

Edward Scissorhands



Awesome piano

Betty Boop


And I can barely build those simple box set LEGO with detailed directions. You can check out more of Merriam’s builds over at his Flickr page. Also, make sure to give these a share on Facebook before you go!

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