This Guy’s Awesome Brick Pizza Oven Is The Most Mouth-Watering DIY Project Ever

Die hard pizza lovers rejoice! Here is a crafty little way of making your very own brick pizza oven at home. There’s no telling how much one would actually cost to install in your home, but with this diy alternative, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank at all…. Seriously, it will only cost you about $150!

First you’ll need two big, winter-hard terra-cotta pots.


*The one on the left is 45 centimeters in diameter and the one on the right is 54 centimeters in diameter*

Grab your measuring tape to grind an arch in both pots


For the base, dig a hole to stack four paving slabs into and fill them in with gravel to help dissipate the heat
Place a concrete slab on top
Then stack your fire bricks
Use ceramic fibre mats in between the smaller and bigger pots
Trim for the opening
It’s time to heat things up
It’s going to be good! Test time
Looking good and smelling good
It’s a pizza party now

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