This Guy Spent 7 Years Building An Enormous Medieval Castle… Now It’s For Sale

This gothic and eerie 35,000-square-foot castle can be yours for a mere $45 million. It’s a Transylvania like oasis built right in the heart of Connecticut. It’s not exactly in the old world, but hey — you can make believe you’re in the medieval period all you like (if you’re into that). It was constructed in 2001 and took 7 years to complete. After the original builder, Christopher Mark, went through a sticky breakup and few bad business deals, he put it up on the market.



The castle sits on a 30-acre lake in Woodstock, Connecticut located on 75 acres of land
One of a kind: ‘It looks like a real castle from medieval times, like something you’d see at Walt Disney World or in Ireland,’ said listing broker John Pizzi


It has 8 bedrooms 
8.5 baths


It also has a moat, a turret, and once had a petting zoo


Construction on the castle got underway in 2001, and wasn’t completed until 2008


The castle is equipped with massage rooms and showers for multiple people


It would take at least 10 staff to run the property properly


A family crest 
The interior design mirrors medieval times 



Marble bathrooms


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