This Guy Incredibly Turned A Slab Of Salt Into A Wearable Bracelet

Betcha’ didn’t know you could make jewelry out of salt? Yes – you can. It’s not your average table salt we are talking about here, it is Himalayan salt or rock salt, which is found in the mines of the Punjab Region of Pakistan. It’s traditionally used for cooking in place of other salts and is used in bath salt products as well. Check out Peter Brown from his YouTube channel Shop Time as he makes this cool DIY bracelet using Himalayan salt.


Himalayan Rock Salt found at your local cooking store


He first cuts the block
He then uses a high-powered drill in order to make a hole in the block
The block will be extremely hot. Once it has cooled round the corners into a bracelet
He then places it on a lathe
It’s not time to shaped and grind the salt into the perfect shape


It can get a little messy
Grab wet sandpaper to the cuff which will add some shine


It’s finally complete


The light really highlights the beauty
Check it out below:


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