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This Badass DIY Deadpool Knife Block Can Take All Of My Money

There’s no question about how much we all loved Deadpool. So, why not add some Deadpool knife block to you kitchen? We guarantee this is probably the best knife block we’ve ever seen.

It was created completely from scratch by  using a 3D printer, a few software programs, and then gluing pieces together.

In a step by step tutorial, you can have your very own Deadpool knife block.

Yeah, it’ll probably be the center of attention in the kitchen but who cares? It’s awesome.

Preparing the head



Choosing the knives


Making it fit the print bed


Time to print and paint




And done! Looks awesome!


You can check out the entire process and guide here.

She might even be able to make you one, but it’s probably going to cost you a pretty penny. (h/t Instructables)

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