This Awesome Hot Tub Hammock Might Just Be The Most Relaxing Thing Ever

Every time I think of a hammock, I think of some breezy beach with white sands.

However, hammocks can now be fun in scenic, winter destinations too.

The Hydro Hammock proves this by being a versatile hot tub hammock created by Benjamin H. Frederick and even comes with a portable heating system.

It can hold two adults and 50 gallons of water thanks to it being made of waterproof tensile fabric.

The heating system is powered by natural gas and might eventually run on battery or solar electricity on day.


The Hydro Hammock comes available in both single and double occupant versions, and you’ll need to find a pair of extremely large and strong trees to string it up between, or someplace with a set of anchors that can hold all that weight.


You can order a variety of different versions like we mentioned above…. single, double, just the fabric sling you can fill with water, or the entire kitten kaboodle.

Since the whole point is to have a hot tub hammock… you’re going to have to shell out a pretty good chunk of change, and that’s about $1,500.









They are currently sold our for 2016, so your best bet is to contact them and see when they’re taking new orders. More info (here) (h/t BoredPanda)

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