This Awesome Homemade Infinity Table Looks Like A Portal To Another Dimension

If you thought woodworking class was boring in high school, think again.

This high school Sophomore student has built a one-of-a-kind and completely customized table which includes a unique illusion in the center.

See kids, this is what can happen when you put a little effort into the classes you thought were boring in high school!

He calls it an Infinity Table and it was done in his Woods 1 class.

This would be the top of the table
He then builds a frame around the top of the table for something unique
Go ahead and attach the legs
Once you’ve added the trim, it’s time to start staining the table


He used a darker stain in order to help bring out the characteristics of the wood


Here’s where the magic happens: he installs some electronics


That would be a mirror he added to the bottom of the table


String some LED lights to the edges
After the LEDs were installed, he added a two-way mirror to the top


Here’s what it looks like so far…
Even turned off it looks amazing!
And then it transforms!
Quite the carpenter!
And it changes colors


He worked incredibly hard on it and isn’t looking to sell it anytime soon, sorry
And here he is with his amazing table


He even got an Grand Award at the Forum for his high school… including a perfect score from the judges!

He say’s he doesn’t have any plans to sell them (we all secretly wish he would though) and actually started the entire project when he was 15…. he’s now 16.

If you would like to send him some love on the great work, or have any questions about the build… shoot him a PM over at imgur here.

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